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Ashly Richard
This is not much of a famous tourist place but I think people who live nearby Mangalore or those who pass through these places must stop by and enjoy the scenic beauty here!Narahari Parvata Sadashiva temple is situated on a hill top in the Bantwal district , 28km from Mangalore. It's about 1000 feet above sea level and can be reached only after climbing almost 330 steps.The view from the top is actually worth the climb.There is a Shiva temple on the top of the hill with 4 holy ponds (they call it theerthakoopa) situated on different sides of the hill in the shape of Shanka , Chakra, Gadha and Padma ( as per the myth of Lord Krishna and Arjuna visiting the hill top in order to purify themselves after the Mahabharata Kurukshetra war.).View of Sulliamale , Bellamal and Kedanjamale are visible from the top.Rest rooms and changing rooms are also available.You can also enjoy the special kalladka tea (it seems as if it's made of two different layers) from kalladka ,just 2 km from Narahari Parvata. I would suggest to have it from hotel 'Lakhmi Nivas'.Sorry that I couldn't get much pics of the place and these photos are screenshots from the video I took.????
Panchami Bekal
We started from Mangalore at around 7:30 AM and had our breakfast at the famous KT hotel (Lakshmi Nivas) in Kalladka. This place is known for its coffee and tea.