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Kapu Beach

Kitty Iyer
We went to the beautiful Kapu Lighthouse in the late afternoon. It was built by the British in 1901 and stood 27 metres tall. The lighthouse was very close to our cottage. There were multiple places of food joints near the beach, and public transport was readily available if need be.Entrance fees: Rs 10 per head and Rs 20 per cameraOpening hours: 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Kapu beach is 12km south of Udupi. A 100 feet high lighthouse, built by the British in 1901 on the small hills and serene surroundings dotted with palm trees are the major attractions here. When we arrived, It was very less crowned and mostly clean.
Kritika Sehgal
Since it was about to be evening, we decided to drive toward the Kapu Beach. The beach was loaded with shells, you guys. It was filled with shells. And the most most most amazing part which made us drive to the beach, was the majestic Light house, The KAPU LIGHTHOUSE. It was big and magnificent. Watching the sunset from the lighthouse was an experience on itself. We were mesmerised with the view from the lighthouse. Crazy it was . It started to be dull and we had to reach our last destination before it was too late. It was a hanging brige ,you guys. We drove toward the bridge as fast we could as the sun was setting and we didn't want to lose its sight.
Sheeba Kaul
Why the Lighthouse Beaconed Us to Return