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Kunti Betta

Sumukh Hegde
We have to climb a initial peak to get a proper view of the final peak.It was a average incline climb up-to the last stretch. Sleep approached as soon as we reached summit.A team of 50 members reached after us. Campfire and Sunrise view is a must do experience at this place.We woke up early and had some fruits present in our bag.If one wants to go offbeat there is a second route through the lake which is quite difficult to scale,since there is no marked path. We decided to take the second one, since it was daytime(night trek through this path is totally risky) and after a lot of hard-work we found a path which leads to the lake bed and then reached the main road to railway station within 2 hours.
Kamal Tanwani
Disha Kapkoti
Kunti Betta is a marvelous hill at the beautiful town of Pandavapura. The hike can be started post 12 am and the three hour trek will give you sometime to enjoy the bonfire and witness the beautiful sunrise. Enjoy swimming and kayaking at the Tonnur Lake early in the morning and go back with memories of a day well-spent.