Madhugiri 1/undefined by Tripoto


Nagabhushan M N
After taking lots of photos & exploring the peak, we started our journey back & reached the base in just 1 hour. We started our return journey to Bangalore & reached Bangalore by around 7.30 PM. Checkout upcoming treks to Madhugiri fort here- Madhugiri Fort TrekCheckout other upcoming treks near Bangalore .
Chaithra Mailankody
A city dweller like me awaits an opportunity to get away from the chaos and bustling crowd, even if it is for a day. Madhugiri happens to be the first among my numerous trekking plans around Bangalore to get executed successfully. We were a group of 15 heading for The Madhugiri Trek on a Saturday. Well, I did not expect a big group like us to stick to the schedule as planned. Surprisingly, we were 2 minutes ahead of the schedule when we started from Bangalore at 6:13 am. The motivation to have an exuberant and eventful trek pushed us to do everything right!
Avilasha Sarmah
6. Madhugiri
Its the second biggest monolith in Asia! And it definitely justifies that. Awesome place.The ancient ruins just adds to the place. Pretty good trek. About 140 kms from Bangalore. Definitely a must go.