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Mahanavami Dibba

Avinash Patra
Riding straight from here you reach the Mahanavami Dibba and the Pushkarini. Mahanavami Dibba is the only place that stands complete now. It's a very high platform which the king built after his conquest of Odisha. The stepped portions are intricately carved and speaks about the trade and other activities that took place under Vijaynagara kingdom. On descending down you see a beautifully stepped water tank and the precision in which the tank is carved ,makes you mind blown. It was one of my favourite site.Outside the Mahanavami Dibba are the stone doors placed on the ground.
Rakesh Malik
There was a 3 stepped pyramid like structure called Mahanavami Dibba, made with 2 different type of stones. And a cool looking stepped tank or Pushkarini with a small aqueduct, to direct water into the tank.
Tejashree Tekawade
This is also known as Dasara Dibba . It is a huge stone platform which was used as a stage by the kings to watch the celebration of Dusara. Dusara was the annual state festival and it was celebrated in the style by the Vijayanagara Kings.