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Makalidurga Trail

Sreshti Verma
Difficulty: EasyDuration: 4 to 6 hoursBase Camp: Dodaballapur (60km from Bangalore)A trek to Makalidurga is possibly the best weekend trek from Bangalore that you can attempt by yourself. The trek begins just 60km from the city and is frequented by aspiring and professional rock climbers alike. At the end of the trek is a temple of Shiva and Nandi, as well as the Gunjar Lake. The trek starts from Dodaballapur, which is very close to the Makalidurga Railway Station.To know more about how to reach Dodaballapur from Bangalore, nature of the trail and details about getting back, read Akanksha Raju's complete guide to the trek here.
sagar sakre
Standing as tall as 3664 ft high Makalidurga is one of the best spot for trekkers. There is a small fort on the peak protecting small temple dedicated to goddess Makalidurga. Difficulty level is easy to moderate with trail marked by paint en route7. Antharagange
Gunjan Upreti
Thirty-second rundown: An extraordinary destination for thrill seekers, Makalidurga gives trekking a whole new meaning. The place is guaranteed to delight you with its blend of hilly terrains, pathless trails, ruined fortress and wildlife. The cooler months of September to February are the best time for trekking in Makalidurga.Other treks around Makalidurga: Anthargange Trek and Kaivara TrekYou can book an Ola Outstation from anywhere in Bangalore and find it at your doorstep within an hour at the maximum.Round-trip fare for 12 hours: ₹1575 onwardsBook your ride now.
Gaurav Ray
A non-descript hill/hillock about 60 km outside of Bangalore, just beyond Doddaballapur. Its like countless other hills in the neighbourhood and like most of them this is one of the popular trekking places for Bangaloreans. Quite typically, for us working folks, the week passes by in a haze of deliverables, timelines/deadlines, submissions, meetings and what-nots. And that creates the extra urge to escape, not too far, not too close - somewhere we can really leave the hassles behind and drown in the silence of the wild (a tad overstatement here since it is just 60 km from the city!). Makalidurga fits the description quite well and that is what sets it apart. The setting is desolate, not many people come to trek in these parts, the more popular options being Sawandurga and Nandi Hills (which is actually like a view point and not a trekking option). There is a track which gets lost in the terrain and there are markings on the rock which provide directions for climbing which also get lost and one has to be quite keen eyed to figure them out and decipher the correct path. The trek is a more or less standard one the only tricky part being the climb gets steep abruptly at regular intervals which takes a considerable effort to pull through which is quite justified