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A must visit place from Bangalore at least once.
It was a day road trip to Makedatu Sangama near Bangalore. It is a good picnic spot for day trip. I can be reachable within 2 hours from Bangalore. Good for landscape photographer, every corner has a picture click view. 
Swaroop Guptha
Not to lie but all the pain experienced was really worth. The place was really beautiful! It was too good for photographs with rocks surrounding the flowing river Cauvery. So, who would say no to photos on such a place? we started clicking photos of each other for first few hours. Later, myself and few of my friends decided to swim. Guys please swim there if you atleast know basic swimming tactis because the water is so deep and no supports nearby, also the rocks are very slippery. So be careful when you walk on it. You can also find caution boards here and there. After swimming for about an hour we guys gathered at a place and had a little chat.
MekedatuMekedatu (meaning Goat’s leap in Kannada) is a small wonder where Cauvery passes through deep and narrow gorge made of granite. The river wider than 150 m at Sangama flows through 10m narrow and deep gorges transferring itself from calm to ferocious river.
Jacinth Paul
#4 Mekedatu - On Kanakpura Road - 80 KM