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After almost 1 hour of hectic trekking through the uncharted grasslands, we finally managed to reach the top of the hill where the viewpoint was located. We could see the whole valley from there. There were shades of black and green against blue sky. The wind was strong at the top of the hill, making us comfortable in the scorching heat of the sun. We spent almost an hour there and appreciated the beauty of that place.
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As none of us could drive, we booked a 6-seater Inova from South India Cabs and started at 6 o'clock in the morning. The driver was really nice and helpful. He spoke really good Hindi too. After driving for 130 km we stopped at a decent restaurant for breakfast. It was past 11 o'clock by the time we reached Mudigere. The owner of the home stay was waiting for us at a place near Mudigere hand post. As this is a remote area, you won't get any network in your mobile (yes, not even BSNL). Hence the owner had to guide us to the homestay. On our way, we came across silhouettes of dark green igloo shaped grasslands against light-blue sky. The floating Clouds appeared like white cotton. The scenic beauty was so mesmerizing that we stopped our car on the way just to cherish that moment.
oliebird octopus
Mudigere is a remote place in Karnataka, situated in the Western Ghats which is famous for it's pristine beauty. It is just for 5-6 hrs drive away from Bangalore(Marathalli). If you are sick with your monotonous life in Bangalore and are craving for something adventurous, then this is the place for you. Not as crowded as Chikmanglur, Mudigere contains lush shola grass-lands, sparkling waterfalls and pristine black hills that will leave you awe-struck. Mudigere brings you closer to the mother nature and brings peace in your mind.We stayed in Kaantara Home-stay, which is situated in the middle of a green valley. The owner here was really helpful and co-operative. The food was really nice and spicy. Personally, I would highly recommend this home-stay for anyone who is visiting Mudigere.
Anjani Guddakar
"Ghatikallu" is remote beauty tucked in the heavenly WesternGhats of Chikmagalur. Ghatikallu is an imaginary name given by localities to the 'One rock Mountain' with one of the most stunning views of the valley.