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sindhu bijjal
Stay @ Mullodi : Bettadha Madilu. Rs.2500 for 4 people for 1 night, with food and hot water. Map here:,75.3062977,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xa23fd25cbfcb6c6a!8m2!3d13.1635687!4d75.3062977Sunday morning after breakfast : started to Sringeri via SK border at 8.30 amreached Sringeri : 11 am, had breakfast, could not make it to temple as we were running out of time.reached sringeri to chikmagalur : 12 pm to 4 pm.RAIN TIP : Mostly temperatures are up and its hot till 2pm and after the rain starts and doesn't really stopDisclaimer: There is an interesting story ahead. If you are looking for an itinerary, do not read further :D I was sitting there on the chair glaring into the pitch dark nature right in front the home and listening to myriads of sounds dominated by cooking frogs. There is no mobile network inside the homestay except for one particular spot and the old man who is the owner of the house comes out and tells me to call him if someone shows a torch far in the distance. That is how they communicate in this deep forests of Kuduremukha range.Manju said " impromptu plans are the best". I can't agree more.We left Chikmagluru around 8.30 am after picking up the bikes from royal brothers. The whole length of the journey is more of forests if not coffee and tea estates. The roads from Chikmagalur to Balehonnuru is wide and are in good condition. After a while we could see boards on either sides that we had entered into Bhadra Huli reserve ( Bhadra Tiger reserve) and were asked to drive cautiously. Reading the board with a huge tiger painted beside it, instantly gave me goosebumps and I started getting scared. I imagined scenes were a tiger walks slowly infront of us on the road, a tiger makes a voracious attack on me or a tiger chasing my bike. I imagined tiger flying out of forests and pouncing on me, sinking his huge teeth into my hands through my thick jacket. I could probably imagine all the worst scenarios that could have happened between tigers and me. Somehow, talking to Sushma who was sitting behind me who looked equally scared, thinking of dying by tiger attack we somehow reached Horanadu around 1pm.
Akshay Upadhya
We arrived at this placid hill station, Mullodi which is the last point of accommodation before the trek. Further up from here you need a forest permission to enter to the trekking trail which can be obtained at the forest department office in Kalasa.
We reached home stay at mullodi village by 4 o'clock in the evening and went to nearby waterfall. We had a lot of fun there.
vinay sindhe
After a quick snack and leaving behind one of my tired friend we headed out to have a look around, and it was a gorgeous view indeed.
vinay sindhe
We reached Mullodi around 5 in the evening and Raje Gowda greeted us with a warm smile, enquired about our journey, and made arrangements for the evening snack. Home stay owners such as Raje Gowda are really helpful who would welcome anyone, but please make prior booking during peak season. You have the option of carrying your own tent and sleeping next to the house or in the rooms provided. Don't expect a cozy place with all the amenities. A clean floor and roof with sometimes shared bathrooms is all you can expect. One thing you wont be dissapointed with is the food. You will be provided delicious chicken and veg food.