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SarAng S
After having my lunch from Hospet, my next destination was the munirabad project area, the thungabadra dam. Munirabad is 13 km away from Hospet and it takes 30 minutes to reach there by road. I reached at the base entrance by 2:30 pm. A mini bus is placed at there for service, it carries the tourists from the base to the top of the dam. It takes around 15 minutes. As I entered the bus, it climbs up to the hills where your eyes could fill with beautiful sceneries of the dam and it's garden. The bus first stops at the top of the hill, where an aerial view of the dam is possible. A view point is near to the tip of the hill, evening time is best to stand here and watch the beauty.Spending half an hour there, I departed the bus again to visit the dam face to face. The next stop was on the entrance of the dam. And from there an evening walk to the gardens of thungabadra. By 4pm I had a walk along side the dam and down to the gardens. The garden have lots of water fountains as it was a tourist attractive area. By 7pm a programm based on the light, music and water "the musical water dance" is the most attractive session in here. Adjacent to it situates an aquarium. By 8pm all the programme were over and the garden was to be shut down. As I reach back in Hospet, I had my dinner and fall asleep, keeping in mind that I have to explore more wonders on the next day.
Karim S A
The next day, we went to Munirabad, which is on the other side of Tungabhadra Dam to see the Japanese Garden there. You don't have much to see here except this Garden which you can cover in one hour. So we went to Hospet, had our lunch at Hotel Shanbagh.If the beauty of this place holds you back and you wish to stay back, I suggest you visit the Fisheries Department on the Munirabad Road and see the different school of fishes in the ponds there and learn a bit of fish breeding. Rent a bicycle/bike and take a stroll on the banks of basavanna canal and reach Hospet by this road. The landscape on this route will enthral you with swaying sugarcane fields on one side and the canal with trees lined up on the other side, with bird nests hanging on the branches. It looks like a picture perfect canvas of an artist's imagination. Day four we had planned to visit Hampi. But, about Hampi, I can go on and on and write a full thesis, which I will do sometime later. So, I will conclude this blog here with my description of only Tungabhadra Dam.When you are done with the silent rocks and the screaming history of Hampi, come to Tungabhadra Dam and talk to the little yellow flowers that adorn this place. Immerse and get lost in this sweet little heaven on earth.
Karim S A
We hired a 7 Seater Auto and went to Munirabad Dam to see the Japanese Garden which was just 3 KMs away but in Koppal Dist. This side of Tungabhadra Dam is in Bellary District and the other side which is called Munirabad is in Koppal District.