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Nandi Hills Bangalore

Payal Mathur
6. Nandi HillsTo further quench your thirst for unadulterated natural beauty, try this spot. Just a few hours away from the center of the city lie beautiful rolling hills and panoramic views. This area is popular among both locals and vacationers who want to watch the sunrise or stargaze.
Yay!, we reached the parking spot on the top of the hills and the next challenge was to lock the helmets with the vehicles. There were only a few locks and we had to lock upto 5 helmets in a single lock! which looked like a helmet garland ,like a skull garland around a demon's neck as seen in the movies :pWe purchased the entry tickets and started to climb the hills. The time was around 9 am and it was so cool like it was 6 am. Still foggy. There is a beautiful pond over the hill , known as Amrutha Sarovara, which was empty but nice to look at, with the trees around it and the atmosphere.
One of the prime location in India, Nandi Hills is situated 68 km away from Bangalore and has emerged as an important destination for paragliding. One of many aero sports conducted, in this experience, you can reach Bangalore’s Hebbal lake by a lovely landing strip. The best time to visit is between September to May.