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Nisargadhama Forest

Sandhya Gawde
Nisargdhama is more like nature park this place is not that happening but if you have time in a hand then you can visit this place & do shopping. You can try homemade chocolates here.
Aditya K
Saurabh Bagakar
Nisargadhama is more like a zoo. Also there are shops outside along with some rides.
Then I headed towards Nisargadhama.
Purnima Singh
It is actually an island, surrounded by the rivulets of Cauvery river, encircling its banks on all sides. And, along with this comes a beautiful resort, situated amongst the lush greens of the Nisargadhama Island, right in the middle of the walkable piece of land. The hanging bridge that took me across the river was an amazing experience. And to add to this were the ever-adventurous opportunities to row a boat in the river streams, and go on some enjoyable elephant rides and mostly the exceedingly incredible views of the flora and fauna around the island. Especially numerous species of deer, peacocks, monkeys and birds - all inhabitants in their very natural habitat.