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Vikram Mn
Nittur bus stop was the best. There was absolutely nothing except for a petty shop where we had desi cool drinks, one of the two flavors we had was awesome. Bus came after half an hour but this time we didn't sleep. We reached Kollur in about half an hour and got a decent room in one of the lodges attached to temple.
Vihang Ghalsasi
Descend to NitturAs it started getting darker, we decided to descend down. Night halting is prohibited at the top. We decided to take the jeep and stay at a guesthouse in Nittur. Soon, the 12-km long bumpy ride began. With other tourists on board, the jeep was comparatively more stable. After an hour of the roller coaster ride, we reached the main road at the base of the mountain. The smooth tar road seemed like a bliss. In around half an hour, we reached Nittur. This was a pretty small village. We had dinner at a small eatery and asked around for accommodation. Fortunately, a homestay was available. We crashed into the room, took a warm shower, and dozed off.
The Travellist
There is a PWD guest house, offering stay at Rs 100, outside there's a small stall selling lemonade, tea, chakris and biscuit. Gazing at drowning sun and patting on each other's back after reaching 1343m above sea-level, we hired a jeep for Nittur. Jeep from Nitoor to Kodachadri peak is Rs 150* per head both ways. Then we took a bus to Kollur, we were lucky, it was the last one. But we missed the bus for Udupi, so we stayed in Kollur for the night to catch the the morning 6am bus. We roamed around our Hotel, as it was a temple premises, you had most of the facilities. Mayur Guest House near Mookambika Palace, try Puri and Saagu there. At 5am, we did darshan in Shri Mookambika Temple, too many devotes gathered here in a queue. We could only peep into the main premises. No shorts and hoodies. With Idli and dosa at the bus stop, we took last bus to our college land where a class test was waiting. Alternative RoutesMore to see Arisinagundi Falls, 6km from Kollur Mookambika National Park Travel Tips Carry First Aid and buy anti-leech powder or oil beforehand. Don't panic when leeches get stuck to your body, remove it with some wooden stick and apply oil or powder. Carry food and water in your bag, as these won't be available on hill. Carry something warm as its cold on the peak during evening. Take a Kannada-speaking person; else it will be a No man's Land. There's a time regulation that you have to leave the peak by 7pm, so plan accordingly. You can also take a jeep directly to the top of the hill, the journey will leave you spellbound. But do bargain for jeep prices.