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Padmavati Temple

Krishna Kuya
Then I opened Google maps and observed the nearby locations. The map was loading slowly and I could see only green patches around my location. I got curious of a temple amidst greenery in the map. There was nothing marked around the temple area except a narrow road. Without a second thought, I started walking towards the temple. After a km of walking, map had loaded fully and distance shown was 20kms. There was no way I could have walked to that temple before sunset. But I didn’t feel like giving up. I just hate leaving unfinished business. So I continued to walk without worrying about dinner or night halt or come whatever may. I hitchhiked in a passing school bus. The driver scolded me in Kannada after learning that I was headed to Padmavati Temple. He dropped me after 2kms indicating that it was the end point of that bus. A school boy of around 5 years age started walking with me and explained me in broken English that the temple is very far. Then a bike passed by and I again asked for a lift. The biker couldn’t speak Hindi/English and refused to drop me to temple indicating that he is going somewhere else. Fortunately the smart kid explained him in Kannada that he should drop me at some point where our path diverges. As I went on with the biker, nearby surrounding continued to become lonelier and greener. I was checking my distance continuously on the map. He dropped me at a forest check point and said that his village is towards right and I need to go to the left for the temple. A forest guard marched quickly towards me and I was scolded again for coming to forest alone in the evening. He could speak Hindi and told me to quickly walk to the temple and stay there. He sternly warned me not to come back at night. He told me that there will be a bus passing the checkpoint in morning at 10:30 AM.