River Rafting India

An experience to remember- river rafting On the banks of Ganga our guide was pumping air into the raft. We huddled closer to him as he gave us instructions and precautions. I tried hard to focus on his words but my mind was occupied with the surrounding beauty of the silent river and the eagerness of rafting. Not once did I think that these words would save my life later. We jumped onto the rafts with much enthusiasm. Our guides made sure that our life jackets were tight and helmets on their place. We were handed paddles which were longer than I was. I imagined how much strength I would need to move it through the water. With a few strokes our raft left the banks and the sky turned darker. We hollered ‘Jai Ganga Maya Ki’ and cheered our paddles. We drifted through the river and even hopped out of the raft into the cold river for a while. Our guide informed us that we were nearing the rapids and here we would need to paddle harder. I was excited for the new adventure. I admired the flowing water and dipped my fingers into the icy water. Huge waves were forming in front of us looking like lifeless ghosts. Our raft rocked with the waves and a gigantic wave hit our raft. In seconds it overturned. All seven of us were dumped into the chilling water. Before I could take a breath I was pulled downwards by the strong current. The waves kept pushing me into the river. I gulped down much water. My life jacket kept bringing me back to the surface against the current. Water sprayed all over me and I felt as if I had no chance of making it out alive.