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Royal Enclosure

Underground Shiva Temple, this temple is built many meters below the ground so it's called as underground. Due to built below ground level you will find the water running around the main shrine. There is one small water channel which is dry now.
Srijita Kushwaha
Sumeet Poojary
15) Royal Enclosure:This place was like an Amphitheatre for the kings of Vijayanagara. This place is believed to conduct all the important events in front of the king and the people of the state. This place is 350 m from Hazara Rama Temple.
Rahul Nath
The next morning I woke up early to make it across the river (be careful in the dark) to reach Matanga Hill for the beautiful sunrise. Climbing the huge rocks to reach the top can be tricky at places. Later I came down for breakfast and set off to explore the southern part of Hampi ruins. I explored places like Royal enclosure and Lotus Mahal. One can see ruins in almost all parts and wherever one travels here. From big temples to small shrines.
Royal Enclosure, is at just few meter from Hazara rama temple. In Royal enclosure you will find Steeped Tank, Public bath, Mahanavami Dibba, Secret chamber etc. Every place have it's own reason they have built for. Don't miss visiting stepped tank. It's unique and impressive symmetry architecture will definitely mark you an impression.