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Someshwara Beach

Santosh H
Someshwara BeachSomeshwara Beach is located in Ullal; it is famous for the sunset view and its rocks called 'Rudra Shilas'. At the end of the beach, there is an old Someshwara temple which gets many devotees and tourists.
Isha Sahib
1) Someshwar Beach : We took auto rickshaw from Diesel cafe and paid rs 250 to reach to this serene. If words or pictures could capture beauty of a place, no one would be on roads, like we two solo female travellers. Beach is so clean and calm that one can sit here for hours and feel the nature. This is a steep rocky beach so its adviced to not go inside the water, but those beautiful rocks, sound of the waves, silver sand will act like a tequila shot for any traveller 's soul like me .Despite, being the holiday season, beach was empty with very few tourist. There is no shacks or shops near the beach and after noon beach may get very hot so plan accordingly.
The rest of September we travelled through India starting in bustling Mumbai which assaulted our senses. We also had some rainy days and a cow attack in South Goa, some Ganesh Chaturthi (Elephant God) Festival submersion ceremonies, took a train journey from Mangalore to Mysore and discovered a pristine beach off the beaten track in Someshwara.