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sagar sakre
Tadiandamol trek is one of the best trek in the westen ghats especially if you are looking for an easy to moderate trek with the most scenic view of the green carpet of westen ghats. Well I have done most of the treks in western ghats out of which Tadiandamol is the one which offered the best view with the minimal effort. The trek distance is 7 km one side and it can be scaled by all the age group people having good fitness. Most of the western ghat treks are best scaled in monsoon so we did the same but unfortuantely it didn't rain during the trekI've compiled the experience in my vlog you can have a look at it. Make sure you subscribe to the chanell to get the latest updates on travel and more around you.
Ankit Saxena
So, my Hampi trip during the Christmas holidays was cancelled due to some unavoidable circumstances (obviously, my friends cancelled the plan at last moment!), and I had no plans for new years too. After the cancellation of Hampi trip's plan, I was sure about one thing: I do not want to make plans for New Years Eve with my friends, because I cannot afford to spoil it and sit at home. Then I thought, why not end the year on an adventurous note. So, I decided to go for trekking. Next task was to choose the destination. I wanted to go for the Kudremukh Trek, but it was scheduled on either the Christmas Eve's week or a week after the New Year. Hence, I was left with a few options like trek to Tadiandamol Peak, Gokarna's Beach Trek, and a few more. I decided to go for the trek to Tadiandamol Peak in Coorg, which is also the highest peak of Coorg or Kodagu district in Karnataka. I had never been on trek before this, hence, I was so excited. I booked the trek to Tadiandamol via a vendor called 'Get Beyond Limits.' Located in the Western Ghats, the Tadiandamol Peak is the highest peak of Coorg or Kodagu district and is the third highest in the state of Karnataka. The height of Tadiandamol Peak is 1748 meters or 5,735 feet from mean sea level. Tandiandamol Peak is one of the most famous trekking destinations near Bangalore. If you are a newbie to trekking, going for the trek to Tadiandamol is a good idea. 'Get Beyond Limits' had a fixed itinerary, which was two days long, starting from night of Friday, December 30 and ending on Sunday, January 1. After being picked up from the designated pick up point at around 11 PM, we all headed towards our base camp, which was Kakkabe near Coorg. Kakkabe was around 260 km from Bangalore and approximately 4-5 hours of journey was expected. There were approximately 30 people in the group. One more reason I chose to go alone for the trek was to meet new and interesting people over the adventurous journey. Once we all were inside the bus and the bus started for Kokkabe, the trek guides introduced themselves and gave a briefing about the trek. After a short introduction of every trekker, we all settled for a sleep as our bus kept on revving on the highway. At around 2 AM, the bus stopped at a CCD for all of us to have a little snack or a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, I had a large cup of latte and that was the worst mistake I did. I couldn't sleep the whole night and in the morning I felt a little tired. However, we reached Kakkabe at 6.30 AM from where the jeeps took us to our homestay, which was approximately 4 KM inside the dense jungle from the main road.
Sreshti Verma
Difficulty: ModerateDuration: 6-8 hoursBase Camp: Kakkabe (266km from Bangalore)At 5,740 ft, Tadiandamol is the tallest peak in Coorg District, which trekkers love to scale in a day or on a long weekend trip from Bangalore. Though you can easily ascend and descend the peak in a single day, but camping on the Tadiandamol Peak is often recommended by trekkers who have visited the place. The trek starts from Kakkabe, which you can easily reach via Madikeri.To know more about how to reach Kakkabe from Bangalore, nature of the trail and details about getting back, read Ayush Gupta's complete guide to the trek here.
Sreshti Verma
Where: Situated in the Madikeri District, the trek to Tadiandamol begins near Kakkabe. To reach Kakkabe, take a bus from Bangalore to Virajpet and take a local bus or taxi to Bhagamandala (get off at Aramane, near Kakkabe).Route: The trek to Tadiandamol Peak is simple, it begins at the foothill from where the water stream passes. The peak from this point is 2.6km and the steep trail lasts only 1km. The best place to camp during the trek is near the big rock (it's a very big rock, you will easily spot it). People also camp at the peak, but during long weekends this spot gets very crowded. There is no water at the peak, so carry your own and due to recent elephant sightings, it is suggested to light a fire throughout the night.Duration: 6-8 hours
Avilasha Sarmah
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