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Tala Kaveri

Nisha Jagadesh
River Cauvery (or Kaveri) originates in the Brahmagiri hills near Bhagamandala in the Coorg district. A small pond where she first bubbles up is worshiped and devotees can take a dip at the source pond there. The idol of sage Agastya is also present in the temple, along with Lord Ganesha.What is the story behind Goddess Cauvery and Agastya muni?Here is the history…There was once a King called Kavera who prayed to Lord Brahma for a child. Brahma was pleased with his prayers and a daughter Lopamudra was born to Kavera. Lopamudra always craved to serve the humanity since a child.After a few years, sage Agastya saw Lopamudra and asked her if she could marry him. She agreed on one condition – that he would never leave her alone – or else she would go away from him. He agreed and they were married.One day, the sage had to go somewhere and due to unavoidable circumstances, he turned Lopamudra into water and stored her in his kamandala (pot). As per the condition, since she was left alone. Since she always wanted to serve humanity, she requested Lord Ganesha for help. He came in the form of a crow and toppled the pot. Lopamudra – as Kaveri (daughter of Kavera) - flowed out of the pot and left. The sage’s disciples tried to stop her, but she went underground for a certain distance such that she cannot be stopped and then came up again at Bhagamandala and continued. Later, sage Agastya returned and found that his wife had left and could no longer be stopped.Cauvery continues to serve humanity and is worshiped for her divine presence. It is said that once a year river Goddess Ganga, carrying all the sins of her devotees, comes underground for a cleansing dip to Cauvery.The hills where Cauvery orginates is called Brahmagiri hills as Lopamudra was created by Lord Brahma. You can also see that river Cauvery originates at Talacauvery but after flowing for a short distance, still goes underground to come back at Bhagamandala - as mentioned in the story. Our rivers are not just water, but our Goddesses.Let’s pledge to save them and never to waste or pollute them!!!Any waste of ours finally lands in our Goddesses - rivers - use your resources wisely! Let's be rich in conserving nature and not just rich in your life style!
Saurabh Bagakar
This is a temple of goddess Kaveri, with a breathtaking view from top of Madikeri.
First spot for the day in our list was Talacauvery, the origin of Kaveri river.One more note to everyone before I start: Every spot in Coorg is at a distance of 20-40 kms from the main town, it could take just whole day covering one spot. So always be very selective where you want to visit first. Because you cannot cover the whole spots in 2-3 days.So about Talacauvery, the place is really beautiful only if the temperature was a little favourable. However, Talacauvery is a small temple and beautiful place of worship of Kodavas. It is located on the high Brahmagiri hills. The holy river in Talacauvery temple is a popular pilgrimage spot. It is believed to have magical powers so people visiting ensure to take a bath or dip during the special or religious days. The rise of the fountainhead is considered to be special when even thousands of pilgrims visit this place.
Sharayu Bafna
It is considered to be the source of River Kaveri, located by Brahmagiri hill. It's 48 kms from Madikeri.
Divya Sree
We trekked to view point after having darshan at the Temple. At first the whole view point was covered by mist which slowly cleared after some time. Both the sights were wonderful.