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Tala Kaveri

Saurabh Bagakar
This is a temple of goddess Kaveri, with a breathtaking view from top of Madikeri.
First spot for the day in our list was Talacauvery, the origin of Kaveri river.One more note to everyone before I start: Every spot in Coorg is at a distance of 20-40 kms from the main town, it could take just whole day covering one spot. So always be very selective where you want to visit first. Because you cannot cover the whole spots in 2-3 days.So about Talacauvery, the place is really beautiful only if the temperature was a little favourable. However, Talacauvery is a small temple and beautiful place of worship of Kodavas. It is located on the high Brahmagiri hills. The holy river in Talacauvery temple is a popular pilgrimage spot. It is believed to have magical powers so people visiting ensure to take a bath or dip during the special or religious days. The rise of the fountainhead is considered to be special when even thousands of pilgrims visit this place.
Sharayu Bafna
It is considered to be the source of River Kaveri, located by Brahmagiri hill. It's 48 kms from Madikeri.
Divya Sree
We trekked to view point after having darshan at the Temple. At first the whole view point was covered by mist which slowly cleared after some time. Both the sights were wonderful.
Tushar Gupta
Talacauvery is the Birth Place of River Kaveri. Located in the Brahmagiri hill near Bhagamandala.The temple here is dedicated to Lord Agastheeswara, which denotes the link between Cauvery and Sage Agasthya. Here too, one can encouter heavy rainfall as we did as we bought some plastic rain coats to visit the place.