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TATA Coffee Plantation Trails - Coorg

Tata Coffee's Plantation Trails
Aakanksha Magan
What to do?TATA Coffee Plantations offer many interesting on-site and off-site activities.On-site activitiesBean to cup tourThe most interesting and enriching on-site activity is the coffee plantation tour. Aptly named the ‘Bean To Cup’ tour, it aims at educating you about coffee in as much detail as possible. Coorg is home to the Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties and you get a chance to interact with planters and understand the history behind coffee beans. You can learn the art of planting, cultivating and harvesting coffee. Apart from coffee, these plantations also grow vanilla, cardamom and pepper. The air all around the plantation is filled with delicious aromas and it is an enriching experience that you just can’t miss.