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Debashish Baidya
If you are a musician and looking to explore some instruments in Hampi, this is the place to bed.	The boat crossing near AnegundiThis is a very interesting part of the journey when you are heading towards Hampi town, or coming from Hampi to Anegundi/ Sanapur. In either ways, you will have to cross the river Tungabhadra which is a long river cutting the place into two parts (one part has Hampi, other has Sanapur and Anegundi). And to reach to any of these parts, you will have to cross the river.There are two ways of reaching to either sides, one is to use the road and make a long way U-turn which is around 40 kms of drive,ORNow here’s the interesting part, Cross the river on a boat! How did it sound?Wait for it….If you have a bike, the boat will even carry that.Kaboooooom!When I heard that, I went all nuts. I had to try this option for sure. And there I was :)
Srilakshmi Indrasenan
River that flows near the temple