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Victorian Verandaz

Victorian Verandaz Homestays
Rutuja Patil
Travelling towards Madikeri was a beautiful experience. The roads became greener and air became cooler as we approached Madikeri. We were in contact with our would-be hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Thimaiah to get directions to reach their property. Just before we reached Madikeri, we took a left turn to which was even more beautiful, calm and peaceful. Experiencing the cold breeze bathing us through the open windows of the car we travelled almost for five kms. As we reached the property, we found Mr. and Mrs. Thimaiah waiting for us in the porch. They showed us the way to our room but I was stuck at the veranda. And I found a place to relax in this veranda. I didn’t even bother to freshen up after this long journey; I was already very fresh experiencing this place. Breath, have coffee and relax were the only things I wished to do here for the next two days. Going to sleep and getting ready also seemed like tasks for me. I just wanted to sit in the veranda, read book, chit chat and smile to myself. But then you couldn’t miss the very tasty dinner and breakfast cooked by Mrs. Thimaiah (I liked the paputo and banana sauce at the breakfast). You also feel like taking walks in the property which Mr. Thimaiah offers to accompany you. The property is vast. It is around a 100 acres land, half of which is coffee and pepper plantations and rest is uncultivated forest area. This property also houses a private waterfall (just had to be slightly aware of leeches) and ponds. Mr. Thimaiah has extra pairs of gum boots for the visitors and those could be used to move around in the property. The rooms are built slightly away from yet facing a very beautiful valley which brings solace to your senses. A small bench is located at the edge of this valley and this was my second favourite spot after the veranda here. This property also has old cottages named Rustica which is Mr. Thimaiah’s ancestral house now converted for group stays. He has preserved and maintained the old look of this place and has exhibited some of the old utensils and items in one of the rooms. This place seems like a home for the visitors with inbuilt kitchen/pantry, two bedrooms and a dining in the veranda. This place is surrounded by the coffee drying platforms and water streams. I was surprised to see a range of pets this person has- a turkey, a turtle, a pair of pigs and two adorable dogs. One of the dogs, Auzzie/Oozy accompanied us throughout our walks in the property. Overall we were all happy to spend our time at this beautiful place. Rather than saying we visited Madikeri, I would prefer saying we visited Victorian Verandaz. The valley, the moon, the stars, the dogs, the waterfall, the food, the hospitality, the thoughtfulness, the comfort, the cleanliness and the verandaz.. We enjoyed every bit of it.