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Avinash Patra
The trip price includes to and from travelling expense for Bus,Hotel and every other thing.It was a Solo Travel. I started from Pune on 18th night at 10 pm and reached Hospet at 9am . I took the bus for Hampi from the Hospet Bus Stand ,it costed me around Rs15.It took 45 minutes to reach the Hampi Bus stand ,which welcomes you with a magnificent view of the Hemakunta Hills and the Virupaksha Temple.After getting down I directly headed to the shore of the TungaBhadra river where motor boats/coracle sail you to the other side of the shore.I reached Hippie Island which is the unofficial name of Virupapura Gaddi. I booked a single room guest house in Vijaynagara Guest House for Rs300 for one day. I freshened up and started my journey.Hippie Island is known for its lush green paddy fields,Kiskindhya(Birth place of Lord Hanuman)/sunset point,Sanapur Lake(must visit),Anegundi Fort and Hills,PampaSarovar,and getting lazy in cozy shacks or huts and enjoying some peaceful time.I rented a Honda Navi for Rs250 and filled 1ltr petrol from local sellers selling it for Rs90.The place wows you with the scenery of the place consisting of Boulder mountains ,coconut trees and lush green paddy fields.
Rishabh Kathuria
We later went to a hill called Virupapur Gaddi also known as a Hippie Island which is a chilling place for the foreign tourists (You know why and not, you can definitely figure it out in the image given). After chilling for a while and having all the beautiful memories permanently engraved in our hearts, we left for Mumbai.
Eram Fatima
Where to stay: To preserve the sanctity of Hampi, the government of India has banned all forms of commercialization on the temple side of the river. So stay in Virupapur Gaddi, more fondly known as the Hippie island because it truly is a backpacker's paradise in every sense, on the other side of the river which can be crossed by ferries that run from sunrise till sunset. There are a number of guesthouses that offer basic accommodation in super cute huts, great food, and greater views of the river and the paddy fields. We stayed at Mowgli guesthouse which I would most definitely recommend to anyone who plans a visit. You also have the option to stay at Hosapete which offers modern accommodation and amenities.What to eat: If you want to experience the traditional South Indian fare, you must pay a visit to Mango tree or Tamarind tree restaurants in main Hampi. Hippie island has its own share of some really amazing restaurants and tiny, picturesque cafes specializing in multiple Indian and Western cuisines. Do try their 'hello to the queen' dessert. It's a gourmet explosion in the mouth.How to commute: The only way to commute in main Hampi is either through cars or autos, both of which charge you exorbitantly because of the latest government ban on all other forms of commercialization. The other side, however, offers you bikes, scooties and cycles on rent at nominal rates, and it really is the most perfect way to experience the lingering magic of Hampi.