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Vittala Temple

siddharta saha
Vittala Temple is certainly jewel in this place with its gorgeous built. Unfortunately, entry inside the main temple is barred due to restoration works by ASI. Another fascinating work of art there is the musical pillars. These stone pillars are of different diameters and lengths and generate musical sounds when stuck with wooden batons and each sound is different! Old tales say when queen performed in front of private royal audiences; musicians used to play music on these pillars for her. Traditional Indian Engineering at its best!
srishti jugran
Further exploring the Vijayanagar kingdom our next visiting spot was Vittala complex. Climbing up the hill along riverside ruins we finally reached Vittala Temple, about 2km away. This temple complex dedicated to Vittala-a form of the Hindu god Vishnu is an architectural highlight of Hampi.The temple premises contains numerous halls and shrines decorated with extraordinary designs, statues and remarkable animated sculptures of the incredible pinnacle of Vijayanagar art.The halls are noted for its extraordinary pillars with the animated carvings on it. A set of pillars, known as ‘musical pillars,’ resonates when tapped. The most famous huge ornate stone chariot complete with wheels carved out of stone stands in the temple courtyard, whose wheels were once capable of turning.
Rakesh Malik
Its a group of temples in a quite large area. There was a ASI ticket fee of ₹30 here. Had to walk quite a long way to reach the temple. There was some water tanks, and small structures on the way. And all the way there were ruins of small aqueducts on both sides of the road.
Damini Aggarwal
Vittala, a form of Lord Vishnu who was worshiped as a prime deity by the local herdsmen of the empire, is the focus of this temple.The famous 'Stone chariot' is situated in this complex. In past times this chariot was known to be as a ‘Garuda’, on the either side of Garuda, there are big Mandapas, with pillars on all sides. The inside halls and temples of campus are carved with a huge collection of intricate sculptures on huge granite pillars.The other tourist attractions in the complex include: Ranga Mandapa with its 56 musical pillars and 4 open halls and Goddess's shrine. The road leading up to the temple complex used to be the market for horse trading.
Srijani Banerjee
Renowned for the Stone Chariot and Akshay-Sonakshi's Dhatang Dhatang...