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Yagachi Dam

Hrishikesh Baruah
Yagachi DamBuilt on the river Yagachi it is not very far from the Belur town. The dam was shut when we were there. The dam was mainly designed to tap in water for agriculture as well as distribution to nearby villages. Owing to the proximity to the Chennakeshava temple tourist inflow is slowly rising to this spot.
neha ballal
Yagachi Dam:We then went towards Yagachi dam which to our disappointment, no longer lets people cross over it. You can sit in a park built by the side of the dam. We had ice creams and sat on the rocks watching the sun slowly set.
Seema Bharti
Perfect spot for water games. Jet Ski, Speed Boat Ride, Banana Boat, Bumper Ride, Kayaking, Cruise Boat are available here. Beautiful and amazing place to visit, best when you want to rejuvenate yourself.