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Vaishno Devi

Akarshan Sapra
We started our journey towards Mata Vaishno Devi bhawan. I tried capturing as many details as possible.
Akarshan Sapra
Our fun train Journey from Delhi to Katra
Mohit Singh Arora
We came back to Katra by Night and then simply went to Bed as we were very tired , The next was a trekking day to Vaisno Devi , We started off early as we had a plan to come back to hotyel after Darshan. We followed it well and Did a psendid job. Trekked way to Bhawan in around 5 Hours . There were lot of devotees and it was very crowed , It took us 2-3 hours for Darshan and It was already evening ,
After reaching Bhawan we booked a short stay room in Room #4 to freshen up. We got to know from other travelers that the evening Aarti preparation starts at around 5:30 pm and the Bhawan is closed for an hour till the Aarti is over. We were advised to go to Bhawan for Darshan before 5:30 pm (this advice saved us a LOT of time and effort). We had difficulties in finding a clock room for our luggage since every facility was already occupied. We managed to go to the Bhawan before 5:00 pm and the queue was really short as compared to the standard queues at Bhawan. We came out of Bhawan around 5:45 pm. We hastily collected our luggage and layered our bodies up with warm clothes since the sun had set and the wind was getting stronger.We couldn’t have lunch and were very hungry, so we quickly had one servng of Rajmash Rice at a counter right next to Bhawan. After that we went to Sagar Ratna for a proper dinner. ????Post dinner and souvenir shopping, we proceeded to Ardhkunwari, which is about 6 kms from Bhawan and is a downhill path. We skipped Bhairo Temple because mom couldn’t have made the steep climb and we’ve been there some 5 times before. 
Lost Lama
It's a fine morning at the Katra Railway station, as the sun rises just above the beautiful backdrop of the Himalaya's. The first ray of sunlight streaming in between the many pillars and hitting our tired eyes, as we rush to board our train huffing and puffing, carrying our bulky backpacks.So with all our luggage we get onto the local train (ticket Rs.30) for a 5 hour train journey all the way to Pathankot. We manage to fight our way to 6 seats which were close to each other, seat's...not in the best of conditions, but considering our exhaustion, even a wooden plank would have sufficed. Nonetheless, tired and exhausted we hear the train's horn blow, signalling the commencement of our journey to our next destination Pathankot.One would think that, this would be a peaceful and non-eventful train ride...Boy were we in for a surprise! Have you ever witnessed a pot smoking, cross dressing hippie? Well we certainly did! And let's just say sleep was no longer a botheration! ?xD