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Eastern Group of Temples

Himani Rawat
It's called Khajuraho group of Monuments and it covers big area. We visited Western group of temples. it's a nice place to relax and enjoy. The temple has a beautiful architecture. Watching and discovering such an amazing art and architecture, i spend ample amount of time there. My day one end by visit temples around the area.
Ranjan Singh
It is located at a distance of 1 kilometre from western group of temples.though it is not as good as western group of temples but it has different history ,eastern group of temples were based mainly on Jain community who lived here in small village during Chandelas rule at the bank of Khajur sagar and has fewer temples than western group.prominent temples are Brahma temple,Parshavnath temple dedicated to Jain tirthankar Parshavnath,Vamana temple etc.
Ranjan Singh
Having lunch and a short nap it was time to meet magnificent history starting from Western group of temples built by Chandelas and originally there were 85 artistic and most beautiful temples out of which only 25 have survived.the temples have curious engravings all over inside out,most of them representing daily lives and culture of then kingdom along with erotic and love making sculptures carved at outer walls of every temples.it is believed that these sexual sculptures are built to express equal rights to women according to Hindu mythology and to promote sex as powerful energy if channelised in right way and it should not be treated as sin or shame.major temples of western group are Kandariya mahadev (lord of caves),Vishwanatha temple with Nandi temple on the opposite with large and beautifully sculptured Nandi idol,Lakshmana temple,Chausath yogini temple and many more.There is green and nicely maintained park and numbers of trees,plants with benches to sit for a while when you feel exhausted taking walk along temples.
Husein Haveliwala
The roads to eastern group of temples throng around a small lake with rural landscapes. They are not maintained that much as the western temples.