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The Greater Copenhagen And Skåne Committee

Suprita Mitter
This is the kind of treasure hunt you will thoroughly enjoy. It's not the conventional touristy thing to do, but it's a lot of fun, if you like the outdoors. Artist Thomas Dambo has chosen the most scenic settings to put up his sculptures built from recycled wood. The idea was to bring art out of the museum, draw attention to the beautiful and often overlooked nature spots in the western part of Copenhagen, and get locals to appreciate the outdoors and nature. Each giant is named after one of the local volunteers who helped build it.When to go?The summer months of June, July and August have the best weather. Copenhagen is also gorgeous in autumn, that is September and October.How to get to Copenhagen?By air: Avoid flights with long layovers. There are Air India flights to Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport from New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport that are operational on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The flight from New Delhi departs at 14.10 and reaches Copenhagen at 18.40, while the one from Copenhagen takes off at 20.35 and arrives in India at 07.45. These flights will cut your travel time down to under eight hours.By rail: Copenhagen is well connected by train to all its neighbouring countries and getting here by train from any Schengen country is simple.Insider's tip: The Dreamliner, makes Air India the best bet to take you to Copenhagen. The Air India flights are short, non-stop and very comfortable. Why would you want to spend extra time on your way, especially when there's so much to see and do in Copenhagen. Happy holidays!If you've been to Copenhagen and know of some cool hangouts, share your experience here. To watch interesting travel videos, log on to our Youtube channel. If you enjoy what you watch, hit like and subscribe.In association with Air India.