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Sarawak Cultural Village Kuching Malaysia

Nivedana Jalan
(3-4 hours)It is a village that has been created for visitors to see and experience the local history/culture of the tribes of Sarawak. It has traditional model houses that represent their different ethnic groups where locals in traditional dresses have live performances. They also make and sell snacks and local artisanal products. From here, you can also visit the well known Damai Beach which is closeby.
Shweta Apte
To unravel the multi-ethnicity of Malaysia, we decided to visit Sarwak Cultural Village. Situated at the foothills of Mount Santubong, this 'living museum' displays handicrafts, lifestyles, costumes and traditional houses of the ethnic communities surviving there. Two cultural performances take place daily where they put on dance shows and showcase daily activities of the tribes. This museum covers 17 acres of land and is located 430 miles away from Tioman Island. If you want information on various traditional cultures and lifestyle, make sure you list this place in your itinerary.