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Yumthang Valley - Tamu Tour and Treks

Amit Kumar Sharma
Yumthang Valley: The journey to this beautiful flower valley passes through army camp and water flowing on the roads itself. I would say I enjoyed journey better than destination. River flowing on one ends with Yak all round give us immense pleasure to relive. It has lots of shops and restaurants, ideal for shopping and foods. Basically valley with enough area to roam around and enjoy the nature.
Anila Kopparapu
Yumthang valley is one of those beautiful places that belongs to the North-East with all of its grass carpeted mountains and the many species of colourful flowers. There’s plenty of walking around and trekking to do in this valley amidst these landscapes and alongside the Teesta river. A great way to experience all this beauty is through a horse ride in the valley. You can pre book a ride here. Have you been to any of these places and had the chance to explore them on a horse? You can share your experiences here. Why should English readers have all the fun? Tripoto is now available in Hindi.
Mahima Kohli
The most unbelievably beautiful part of Sikkim lies to the North, at 15,000 feet above ground, in Yumthang Valley, where the sky is an infinite blanket of the softest blue, and white cotton-candy clouds hang low over grey-blue cliffs. Cows graze in the open meadows as a stream of sparkling clear water flow nearby. They say the valley is pretty in the summer, blooming with rhododendrons of every possible colour, but we went in the fall, and it was just as amazing. To think of all those pictures of the Swiss Alps and the English countryside that pop culture has fed us for so long! I wonder why no one ever talks about this place, because in one word, it is unreal.
Somya Rakshit
Yumthang valley is said to be most picturesque in the month of April-June as Rhododendron in multiple colors adds to the beauty of this valley. Though, you will never be disappointed by this place.
Sandesh Patkar
Yumthang ValleyFrom Lachung is another 2.5-3 hours to Yumthang Valley. The road to Yumthang Valley from Lachung is really bad. It’s so bad that in some places, there is no road at all. The driver said that it was due to the rains and the road is better during other times. If you did not get warm clothes, then at Yumthang Valley you get them on rent. The temperature here was around 8-9 degree Celsius.