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Bottega Louie

After a long day visiting the Aquarium in Long Beach and checking out the Endeavor space shuttle at the California Science Centre, we decided to head to Bottega Louie in Downtown L.A for an early dinner. This Italian restaurant describes itself as a “gourmet market & patisserie” and is located in a magnificent old typical building. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the room is extremely wide. Far away from a discrete and small outlet, Bottega Louie will be a very suitable place for family reunions, lunch/dinner with friends or tea time with your besties. As for the interior, the ceiling is very high, hence making room for loud conversations. The waiters as well as the inside adopted an all-white uniform and the tables/chairs could be defined as “brasserie style”. The fact that the kitchen is opened and you can see the big pizza oven makes it more reliable and entertaining. Before getting the fresh oven-cooked pizzas they have on the menu, LYA suggests you get a Louie salad: artichokes, tomatoes, avocado and lettuce The pizzas are served on elevated trays which makes it easier to share and also, more friendly! Further to these amazing Italian dishes, what better than a few “La Duree-wannabe-macaroons” for a sweet final touch? The cakes (tiramisu and fruit tart) were a bit too big and too creamy and not tasty enough, but the small French delicacies are definitely a must try and the restaurant’s signature.