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Nagabhushan M N
Swati Keshri
My friend and I were scouting for a good one day trek when we stumbled upon Madhugiri. It's around 130 km from Bangalore. We took KSRTC bus at 5:45 am from the Majestic bus stop and reached Madhugiri at around 8:15 am. This was the first bus in the morning directly to Madhugiri. Madhugiri bus stop has a small hotel where one can have breakfast. It's a moderately inhabited town. The starting point is roughly 700m from the bus stop and one can ask locals to re-direct to the same. There is a small yellow colored temple right beside the starting point. From the bottom, it appears that one has to cover a very short distance to reach the top(because you can see huge fortification from the bottom which appears like fort's boundary wall) but it's an illusion!! In fact, one has to cross two such fortifications to reach the fort top. Though there are depressions on a rock which helps to climb up, it shouldn't be neglected that the slope is steep and one needs to have shoes with good grip. After crossing the first fortification, one would find the climb to be tough as the slope becomes steeper.
Malay Majithia
Madhugiri Fort lies in Madhugiri which is in the Tumkur district in the State of Karnataka. Madhugiri is a single hill and the second largest monolith in entire Asia. It is famous for its fort and temples.Note: Don't forget to carry water bottles with youDistance: 110km
Sreshti Verma
Where: Situated in the Tumkur District, the trek to Madhugiri Fort begins from the town. To reach Madhugiri, take a bus ride from Bangalore.Route: The Madhugiri Fort trek begins from the foothills and has stairs till half the way. After that it's an easy but steep climb to the top, where the fort is perched. Spend time at the fort and head down from the same route. You are not allowed to camp at the fort. Since the trek is only two hours long, it can also make a great weekend getaway from Bangalore.Duration: 2-3 hoursShare a story from the time you went trekking without a guide. Was it fun, exciting or a massive failure? Write reviews, share pictures and create your own travel blog on Tripoto.