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Moses Voyager
Glimpse of our recent winter overnight camping. We went to the camping ground at 10 pm, set up our tent, it was freezing cold as we were next to the dam around the fields.We started preparing barbeque as soon as we lit the bonfire.We warmed ourselves by the bonfire and started grilling our food.There were hyenas around us so we took extra precautions for our safety by staying around the fire.It was a thrilling experience preparing food in the wild.After our meal we went inside our tent and slept for sometime.We woke up at around 5 am before sunrise to a thick layer of fog and a mesmerizing view.The water was hardly visible as it was covered by mist and everything seemed still and calm.We took a walk around our camping location and noticed that even the spider webs were covered in the droplets of water which seemed like mini pearls.The mist had started disappearing after sunrise and the visibility of air was getting clearer.We dismantled our tent after enjoying the sunrise and started packing our luggage and loaded it in the tractor.We ensured that we left no plastic or litter by the camping site.We collected our disposable items and carried litter along with us.It was an unforgettable experience and we look forward to conducts more treks and camps in the future.