Devnalya 1/undefined by Tripoto


Ambuj Jain
Last year during holidays for Holi festival, I decided to reanimate my photography skills after a long gap of 3 years. The question was what to photograph? One thing was go outside and photograph colorful people on streets trying to make each other look a like aliens. But this was not my cup of tea!!!I am a nature lover thus I should capture the colors of the nature... and the best way to do this was "Bird Photography".The next thing came in my mind was "Where to go???" As it was starting of summer season and migratory birds tend to leave for the next destination however I knew few places where still I could find some beautiful birds near water bodies.Tip: Before proceeding for Bird photography, make sure you are wearing camouflage cloths, good camera with telephoto lens, light snacks for munching, drinking water & lots of patience. Also make sure the area in which you are going is well familiar to you or bring some local boys with you for safety.So what I am waiting for??? Lets go...