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Eldho Elias
Islamnagar was the capital of Bhopal state in the 18th century during the reign of Dost Mohammad Khan, the founder of Bhopal. Before the Afghans arrived, the place was known by the name of Jagadishpur which was later renamed to Islamnagar (The city of Islam). The city lost all its pride once it was removed as the capital and now it has shrunk to a small village with the ruins of the fort left behind.I was greeted to the formerly fortified city by a small fort gate. A fort wall runs all around the Islamnagar area but now they are in ruins. When I entered through the gate, what I saw were small houses on either side of the road. All the houses were made of clay and had only 6 feet height. The road seemed too narrow for such a glorified city of the past. I realized that this is one of the poor settlements of Bhopal. Probably they might have moved in once the city lost all its pride. Now the area is no different than a normal rural village of Bhopal. Indeed time flew by this place.