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Orchha State

Prateek Dham
Orchha is quickly turning out to be the next big hub for backpackers. The only destination on this list from central India, this town in Madhya Pradesh is replete with fantastical architecture from the 15th Century's princely reins. With a population of less than 10,000, Orchha is perfect to just do your thing without much interference.Must do while here: Visit Raja Mahal. Indulge in rafting on the Betwa river.For more details, read this.
Suruchika Singh
Check into Orchha Resort
Suruchika Singh
2 night stay in Orchha
Athena Mondal
Tanvi Nadkarni
This is a very small city and it can be completed in Just one day. Orchha is just 12-15 kms away from Jhansi and is situated next to Betwa river. One can do river rafting in this river or just relax and enjoy the view. The sunrise as well as the sunset can be viewed from the river and its really beautiful.