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Patalpani Waterfall

Manideep Koduri
We are RAILFANS(people who are fond of TRAINS) who met in the Facebook and whatsapp wich are the common platforms for railfans .I was coming from Punjab and others are from different places of Andhra Pradesh.we met in Kacheguda station(Hyderabad) and our journey started.The train is hauled by a diesel locomotive and chugging through the fertile lands of Telangana and Maharashtra.The fields are with onion, cotton,oil seeds plantations.
Rahul Singh Rajput
We had planed to have a visit to Omkareshwar by going through patal pani and choral dam tourist spot near indore we decided to do our journey on separate bikeWe planed to start early in the morning by 7 to 8 am but we got late and decided to explore breakfast specially Indori Poha so we simply googled popular nashta spot and reached their in anand bazare the Poha was really good coupled with jalebi.Now we started our riding journey at about 10 am. Our first target was to reach patal pani in Mhow district the road was in good condition and the view to patal pani is superb. All green fields and small ranges. we take some photos with our bikes .we reached patal pani at about 11 am ,stayed over their watching the waterfall which got it name as it is considered the water goes directly to patal(undergroung).now we start our journey to choral dam on all our way we were getting a good attantion as a bikerChoral dam has a resort build by MP tourism it is well maintained had boating facility with children adventure and mesmorising viewNow it was near about 1 pm we decided to have a lunch in choral resort,it host a in-house Malwa restaurant and bar with mp tourism hospitality .the food was good and price was also not much hiked.At 2 pm we leave to Mhow to continue our journey to Omkareshwar,now we were lost in Mhow as our gps was turned off so as to save some battery for return journey .as we all know the importance of battery juice ???????? during travel and somehow asking local reached correct road but now the road was in its deteriorating and repair condition which make us loose time finally after a strech of 15 km we get a good road we continued our journey .now comes the best part the view from road to omkarehware was mesmorising full of greenery and zig Zag roads .we both were riding the bike near to each other so that we can stick to each other and donot get lost which may result into further delay. At about 5:30 pm we finally reached Omkareshwar visited the temple and now comes the sunsetOn the banks of river Narmada the sunset was looking beautiful,we were late as we have to return back but we also donot want to miss the sunset so we finally enjoyed the sunset on bank of river narmada by 7 pm we started our return journey now we were more cautious to drive in a passive way close to each other as the traffic was. High and road was also risky,we reached Indore by 10 pm have dinner and slept with dreams for next day journey to ujjain