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Oindrila Soni
Indian villages, they say, are austere. You might find yourself away from the city-bustle, but you will have none of the frills of the modern world. In February this year, I went to Satpura in Madhya Pradesh to leave behind the worries of my corporate life and soak in the serenity of a place that tourists seldom flock to. But I wasn't quite ready to give up the material comforts of my home."Would I have to relinquish air conditioning to endure the afternoon heat of this hamlet?""Would I be able to pamper myself with a hot shower where electricity is a luxury?""Would I be able to eat Italian for dinner and Burmese for lunch? Or would my plate always only have a local dish?"These and more questions bothered me as I embarked on my journey.
Jasleen Kaur
Madhai is untouched and unexplored by most as of yet and that's the beauty of it. Go to Madhai to experience the rawness of the jungle, completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Not only this, but the four hour long jungle safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve is something you wouldn't want to miss. You're lucky if you spot a tiger or a leopard. Stay at Reni Pani Jungle Lodge and avail top notch accommodation and food facilities despite staying right in the middle of the forest.