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Mapro Garden

This is a garden park on the beautiful hill station of Panchghani, Maharashtra very close to Mahabaleshwar. It is a popular tourist destination mainly because of the Annual Strawberry Festival that is organized here. During this time tables are lined up with varieties of juicy strawberries which people can have for free as much as they want. A cultural programme is also arranged each day such as the traditional dance and music. These shows are performed by people who are invited from other places.
Untraced Travellers
Mapro garden at Panchgani, MahabaleshwarFood must try here are:Strawberry Cream - Rs. 297Classic sandwich - Rs. 297I know its costly, but classic sandwich you should/must try at maproAlso, at Mapro Garden you can buy fruit crushes, syrups, jams, khakara and chocolates with discount of 10% on MRP.Similar to this, there is Mala and Manama factories where you can buy fruit crushes, jams, syrups etc. With discount of 20% on MRP and available in small quantities.
Monika Srivastava
And the best part of these box they allow us to choose best one , I was saw first time gardening of strawberry it was some very new and interesting thing for me I saw some growing strawberry as well it was really fun .sometime small things give you more chance to be happy .I was happy because I see thing which never see before it was really interesting to see small plants of strawberry
2. Second Stop: Mapro Garden & Strawberry farmsWhat will be a perfect place for a day trip- when you want to brush your teeth, maintain personal hygiene and want to have breakfast??It is the " Mapro Garden" ! Washrooms-neat and clean. Get freshen-up and head towards exploring this fascinating place. Obviously, you have to click pictures at every corner, my friend because its Mapro :P anyway, stepping ahead- DON'T FORGET TO HAVE STRAWBERRY ICE-CREAM. This is a must have here and you can also have other dishes by buying from their canteen.Next, few meters ahead do explore Strawberry Garden. It's literally ecstatic to see how this tiny berries grow and infact you can also get a chance to pluck these berries and end up by buying it direct from the farms as well- though at a price slightly higher than what you can get from the city market.
Sagar Kashyap
Enroute, stop at the Mapro farms and take a tour of how the strawberries are harvested, what are the products they offer, taste a few of the Squashes and candies that you can buy and mind you, they have some great offers throughout the year.
Isha Saxena
Mapro Gardens Mapro Gardens are not just strawberry farms anymore, you can actually go for a day out here. Lush strawberry farms, photo booths, inhouse khakra plants and more. We stopped here for a late lunch. The strawberry cooler, fresh, wood-fired oven pizza and the strawberry cream, all must-haves. I did not quite fancy the cheese sandwich though. It is an all-vegetarian place, super organised, and they make EVERYTHING in-house.