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Rajat Jaiswal
Mandav have RANI RUPMANTI PAVILION , BAJBAHADUR MAHAL , JAHAG MAHAL , HINDOLA MAHAL , SUNSET POINT , KUKKAR KHO , NILKHANT MAHADEV TEMPLE , JAMI MASZID and lot so on.Well the local people said in a very cool manner that mandav consist as much spots that one need to stay atleast 7 days to site all of them. So now we reached at 4 pm and now we were almost 300 km from bhopal with a bike trip that is why we tired a lot, so that we decided to take a hotel. For hotel we din't go for online search instead we took advised from some local civilians, and you know what we discovered a new place called Jain temple, where there was a facilty to stay at very low cost and great rooms and calm atmosphere at the same time. so we checked in, the atmosphere of that temple was really very nice and peaceful that helped us to regain our energy to discover new places instead of resting at rooms.After refreshment we decided to go to sunset point and we reached there.
Sreshti Verma
Mandu is a strategically located city and was an important military outpost. This can be gauged through the long 37 km-wall that protected the city. Within these walls lie many palaces, Jain temples, 14th century structures and reservoirs (kunds). Given that all sights in Mandu are within 5 km or less, it is ideal to be explored on a bicycle.
Tanvi Nadkarni
Mandu is really an amazing historical place to visit and can be completed in just one day. This place is accessible only by road and is really worth a visit !