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On our way home to Cordel Farm, we stopped by at Pabbas for some famous Gudbud ice-cream.
Hrishikesh Baruah
Before undertaking the trip I had asked 4-5 people regarding things to do in Mangalore. And all had suggested Pabbas to end the trip with. Pabbas is a very popular ice cream parlor joint. And we quickly realized its scale of popularity when we had to wait for around 15 mins in waiting before getting a table to us. The awesome taste is one thing, but the prices of ice-cream will provide equal relief to your heart as well. Ice Cream love <3
Susan Halfhide
After meeting up in Mangalore, taking a trip down to the beach there, and gorging on some lovely ice cream sundaes at Pabba's, we caught a train to Gokarna.
Isha Sahib
But how can a day end without visiting places suggested by local friends. Pabbas is Mangalore favourite ice cream joint and as my Manglorean friend said no Mangalore trip is complete without a visit to Pabbas.Day 2: