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Sultan Battery

After lunch we drove to Sultan Battery, a watch tower constructed by Tipu Sultan in 1784.
Traveller Hoots
Looking back into the pages of history, The Sultan Battery is a watchtower constructed by Tipu Sultan in Boloor Mangalore. Tipu Sultan was a brave ruler and well known for creative and thoughtful military expeditions. During his era, Mangalore was the chief port and was vulnerable to invasions via the Arabian Sea. So he cleverly, created this watch tower in 1784 to obstruct warships from entering the Gurupur river which was the major route for English invasion.
Isha Sahib
Sultan Battery : From hotel we took the rickshaw to Sultan Battery and then Ferry to another hidden silver gem called Tannivbhavi.View from Ferry.
Anusha Nakshathra
Our first stop was Sultan Bathery watch tower of Mangalore. The other famous one is near Wayanad. It was originally known as Sultan Battery and was constructed to prevent war ships of the British to enter the mainland. It's a huge watch tower with mounts to place canons. Now, it's quite deserted and provides a good view of the ocean.
Satyam Kumar
Sultan Battery: Named after Tipu Sultan. It is just a small circular watch tower with 30 stairs to climb. A ferry runs every 15 mins from this place to Tannirbhavi beach costing Rs.5/- per person. The ferry ride is good crossing you through endless view of sea.