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Keibul Lamjao National Park

Known as the only floating National Park in the whole world, this is located in the Bishnupur District of Manipur. The park was set up in the year 1975 and the main aim was to protect the Sangai Deer which has since then increased by a huge percentage. Being in a tropical zone, trees are pretty basic here like anywhere else and you can also find grasslands here. The other animals here include wild goat, leopard cat, hog deer and fishing cat. This is a major tourist attraction of Manipur and is well connected with Koirang which is the nearest town. Dimapur is the main railway station which has good communication facilities with other parts of the country.
Yamini Vijendran
The largest Phumdi on Loktak lake which is also the home of the rare species of antlers - Sengai. The National park also boasts of a variety of flora and fauna, not to mention the birds. A serene and tranquil environment, which the forest authorities take extreme care to not disturb.