Captivating Zeilad Lake in Manipur, India

Photo of Captivating Zeilad Lake in Manipur, India by Kuntala Banerjee

Kashmir's Dal Lake has always been an intrinsic part of Indian tourism. But do you know, you can experience the similar feeling of serenity in one of the fascinating lakes in the Tamenglong district of Manipur. Its unbelievable yet thats the truth. The captivating Zeilad Lake in Manipur offers a scintillating experience filled with nature's ecstatic wonders. You can feel the vibes of the Dal Lake in its vicinity. A perfect place to rediscover yourself amid the abundance of mystic views.

A small history is associated with the lake. The Naga tribes, dwelling in the region, have illustrated in their tales that the paddy grains were first sowed and initiated at Zeilad Lake. The authenticity of the fact is still yet to be deciphered, but the locals claim it with pride.

The Eccentric Beauty

The location of Zeilad Lake is unique, away from the crowded city life. The moment you arrive near the lake, you can feel the refreshing air whizzing past you. The tranquil environment encircling the lake transports your mind and soul to a world of eternity. The lake is surrounded by dense forests and plantations. Misty clouds brushing across the lake waters create a vivacious environment, much to the amazement of the visitors.

The surreal calmness prevailing around the lake entices nature admirers and photographers to spend a day full of fun and enjoyment. Capturing the wonderful scenic views in the camera lens, while breathing in the fresh air, is an awesome and memorable experience. You can soak your mings into the pristine beauty of Zeilad lake and wrap yourself into its magical atmosphere.

Photo of Captivating Zeilad Lake in Manipur, India 1/3 by Kuntala Banerjee

The Thrilling Wildlife

Zeilad Lake has earned a lot of popularity for its exotic wildlife. It is also known as a prominent wildlife sanctuary among adventure enthusiasts. It serves as the residence for various species of animals and birds. You can observe the migratory birds near the lake. They flock around the trees and create a musical extravaganza through their chirping sounds. Every year they visit the lake, a temporary abode for them; escaping the harsh winter conditions of their homeland. The water birds like cranes, kingfishers, herons, ducks too can be found standing or wading across the lake.

Marine animals like fish, tortoise, pythons are spotted in the waters. Wildlife photographers can click exclusive pictures of the animals and birds, enjoying their natural habitat.

Photo of Captivating Zeilad Lake in Manipur, India 2/3 by Kuntala Banerjee

Things to do at Zeilad Lake

You can spend an entire day at the lake, exploring its surroundings, natural beauty and wild life. It has boating facilities if you want to venture out and discover the vivid environment around. You can spot the wild animals and the birds while riding on the cool waters of the lake.

The lake premises remain uncrowded, a perfect environment to spend a quiet weekend with your family. You can relax at the banks of the lake, observing the stunning beauty around. The solitude calms the mind and rewinds the brain. Breathing of fresh oxygen, free of pollutants, is a healing medium for the body and the heart. And the lake blesses you with such a balmy environment.

Bird watchers can enjoy an eventful day, observing the locals birds, water birds and the migratory birds. The splashing of their wings on the lake waters are a fascinating sight for the observers. Kingfishers dipping into the waters for their catch, a fish held in their beaks, is common. As the sun begins to set in the horizon, the birds return to their nests. The entire area rings suddenly with the huge squeaking of the birds.

Watching the marine animals and catching glimpses of the fish on the waters are the key attractions for the wildlife photographers.

Photo of Captivating Zeilad Lake in Manipur, India 3/3 by Kuntala Banerjee

Useful Facts

The lake is open to the public throughout the day. There are no entry fees. It is advisable to visit only during the day time since the wild marine animals are not guarded and there are no camping facilities.

It is better to avoid the monsoons as the forest trails become muddy and inaccessible. The months starting from October till April are the best time to visit the Zeilad Lake. The weather remains soothing and comfortable for spending a wonderful vacation or picnic.

While inside the Tamenglong district, you can easily walk down to the lake. Else public buses and cars are available for a ride to the place. The district is well connected via different means of transport with the various cities of Manipur as well in India. Hence reaching the lake is absolutely easy and hassle-free.

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