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Madgaon Railway Station

Offbeat Voyagers
Now that our bellies were full, we got going on our way to catch our train back home. We covered the distance as fast as we could and made it to the station by 7:45 PM. The moment we reached the station our train was in sight at platform number 1 so we called up the scooter rental guy to pick it up from the station. That is when things stopped going our way as he refused to come due to the fact that he had to perform checks on the vehicle. Since we knew that we had to get done with it as soon as we could, we headed to the guy's shop where he took another 5 minutes to complete the checks and by the time he dropped us off at the station it was already too late. Now our only hope was to wait for Mumbai Express(12133) which was scheduled to arrive at 9:40 PM. Since we had about 2 hours to kill, we bought the tickets for the general compartment and got to charging our phones for the return journey. Due to the monsoon, the train arrived at 11:10 PM and to our surprise, the general compartment was nearly empty which brought us some relief. Without wasting any time we got in, climbed up to the luggage rack and claimed the space.
Offbeat Voyagers
We arrived at Madgaon Jn. at around 9:30 AM and had just one motto "Visit Dudhsagar" by hook or by crook. Since we had not decided on the how just the where, we started off at the ticket counter at the station and soon realized that if we were to reach the falls before daylight disappeared, trains wouldn't cut it. Hence we moved out of the station and thought of taking a bus to the closest village accessible by road, Kulem. On inquiring around, we realized that even that was an infeasible option as there were too many variables along the way. By that time we were approached by local taxi drivers who offered to drop us to Kulem for Rs. 2000 if we chose a cab and Rs. 1000 if opted for the rickshaw. Since this option also did not make any sense to us, we started browsing the web for alternatives when suddenly we were offered a scooter on hire for Rs. 400/day with a minimum rental duration of 2 days which amounted to Rs. 800 for two days which was the duration we were going to be around for. After careful consideration, keeping in mind that we needed cheap accommodation as well, we decided to go ahead with the rental as it would not restrain us in terms of time or distance.
I reached #Madgoan railway station around 6:30 am, I planned to stay in south Goa as I was looking for peace Goa instead of party Goa. prepaid taxi was very costly so I was just looking around then came to know one more way of transport is pilot bikes and very safe, I ride on a bike and its charges me 150 rs for 7-10 km. of distance. you can also visit #Betalbatim beach first as it nearby #Madgoan railway station in the morning, spent 2-3 hours of awesomeness there, without booking any hotel and then move to north Goa or anywhere you want to stay or do whatever damn you are on vacation.The best part about the pilot ride was you can see morning Goa. floating lotus in ponds, paddy fields, narrow streets, green sceneries, sky view and cool breeze touching your cheeks and blowing your hairs. it energized me more and made me firm about my decision as a #soloGoa.I went to Betalbatim area which is 10 km from Madgoan railway station and 4-5 km from bus stand.I just throw my bag in a hotel and was dying to run on a beach, I get up in full Goan stuff with glasses, bandana etc. all swag.