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Thol Bird Sanctuary

Jimish Parekh
Birds, all type of birds do come from distant region during the winter season. Bird watchers come to click these birds as well.
Aastha B. Vyas
1) Thol Bird sanctuaryIt's a bird sanctuary having artificial lake and n number of birds. its situated in Mehsana district and its only 25km away from Ahmadabad. you can find around 150 species of birds, most of them are water birds and migratory bird. Winter is peak time to visit this place. You have to carry water bottle and snacks with you as there's only lake and open land.
Chitra Vora
Are you a bird watching enthusiast? Or do you simply enjoy the sight of migratory birds? Thol lake, near Ahmedabad is your answer to both. Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary, is a lake situated at about a distance of 45 minutes from Ahmedabad city outskirts. It actually is an artificial lake that was created in 1912 as an irrigation tank. However, being a fresh water lake surrounded by Marshy land, it attracted a number of migratory birds. Thol Lake got the status of a bird sanctuary in the year 1988. From interaction with locals, it is evident that the Thol bird sanctuary did not catch much public attention until a few years ago, which is actually good for the feathered friends and mother nature, as the habitat could be maintained.There are a  number of birds present in this territory and the winter months from November to February are considered to be perfect time for bird watching. However, even during summer season one tends to find a number of birds. Bird species such as Pond Herons, Storks, Greater Flamingo, Lesser Flamingo, Kingfishers, Purple Moorhen, Sarus Crane etc. are present here. There are a number of other birds which are also present here.Given the geography of this place, you can circle around the entire lake and watch the birds along with enjoying some quiet time with nature. As per reports from locals, there have been occasional sightings of mammals such as Hyena, Wolves and Black Bucks as well. Reptiles such as snakes can also be spotted here. - When to visit? All months right through monsoon until Winter are preferred for a visit here, the winter months from November to February being the best months to visit. - Distance and mode of transport? Thol Bird Sanctuary is located at a distance of about 25 kms from Ahmedabad city and the driving time would be 30-45 minutes. It's advisable to reach here early in the morning by 6 am. Driving by personal vehicle or cab is the best option as no public transport would be available. - Wildlife photographyThose looking forward to capture birds in their natural habitat and wildlife photographers are recommended to carry their camera gear and lenses accordingly. You are expected to pay an entry fee (INR 30 per person, which however keeps varying).
Tanushree Patwa
Why: A scenic man-made freshwater wetland in Mehsana, this sanctuary has the world’s tallest bird, Sarus crane and more than 100 species of other transitory or migratory water birds. Visit Thol early in the morning after monsoon and witness daybreak at the banks. There are quaint corners where you can spend time leisurely with your family and spot a lot of rare species of birds!Where: Thol Bird Sanctuary Rd, Thol, Gujarat - 29 km from Ahmedabad
A freshwater lake surrounded by marshes and cropland, the seven-square-kilometre Thol Bird Sanctuary is inundated with migratory and native birds. A man-made reservoir, the lake was given the title of a sanctuary in 1988, and it’s a sight to behold after monsoons when over 100 species linger over the lake. If you’re lucky, you will see cranes, geese, herons, whistling teals, and ducks.The Details: It’s only 20 kilometres from Ahmedabad. Make a day trip from Ambassador Hotel ( There is no entry fee.