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Chin Chin

Chin Chin125, Flinders Lane, MelbourneMeal: DinnerEVERYONE told me to come here. EVERYONE. And when I got there, I could see why. The line to get in was unbelievable, but I soon found out that this was just the line to get your name down, because Chin Chin does NOT take reservations. Folks gave their names and left, only to return after an hour or so, when their turn may have rolled around.Solo travellers get a seat at the bar though, so we WALTZ RIGHT IN! ????The bartended poured me a glass of Totara South Island Pinot Noir 2013, which is one of the most delicious wines I have EVER had. The pineapple and egg fried rice I ordered surprised and delighted me; I never imagined pineapple, egg, chicken and cashew could create something so splendid! I could see what the hype was about. The food is great, the wine is great, the staff is super-friendly, and I liked the completely-unexpected-at-a-place-like-this 90s music they were playing!