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September - May
Couples, Friends, Families
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Federation Square

Gypsy Couple
Federation Square is the best bet for branded shopping and Queen Victoria Market for everything else. Shopping districts usually make for some amazingly quirky portrait photos and is a fine option after the balloon ride in the morning.Its easy to get a little confused between having to visit yet another Museum (Although very popular) or the Melbourne City Aquarium or the Melbourne City Zoo or leave the sightseeing for the tourists and go to the Luna Amusement Park. Aquariums and Zoos are an easy wormhole to childhood and for most, an enjoyable experience. Though it is not a deal breaker, we would personally love a city with a decent Zoo or aquarium (Amusement parks with crazy roller-coasters and other rides, work too).
Adjacent to the station is Federation Square, a meeting place for friends, political protest and spontaneous musical and dramatic displays. It’s a dynamic space that changes its function and tone on a daily basis. I’m always curious to see what’s going on in the square.
Yanting Chan
We travelled down to Federation square the very next morning. Even though the temperatures reported comfortable levels of about 12 degrees, it was awfully cold in the morning (think icy cold gush) so we marched out in our winter overalls. The mist that shrouded the town that morning was hauntingly beautiful, as if the scene came out from a film set. While it was slightly tormenting to sacrifice my gloves for these shots, they were worth it. Federation Square has been international recognized for its award-winning architectural design since 2002, serving as a cultural and entertainment precinct which lies in the heart of Melbourne, there are an array of eateries and shops along the parameters for both locals and tourist alike. We also managed to bag some souvenirs in the gift shops around the area (not exactly the cheapest, but uniquely Aussie for sure) It's a very tourist friendly area, and if you ever lose your way or require any assistance or map, the Melbourne Visitor center is located at the corner Swanston and Flinders streets, opposite Flinders Street Station. I left my pair of gloves there and had to walk all the way back, thank goodness it was kept safe! You can also checkout ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) as they have occasional film festivals and exhibitions that may be worth the buck. They recently featured Woody Allen and Jazz on Film! While we were sitting on the amphitheater-shaped steps, we were entertained by a stand-up comedian who was busking around the area with the help of his crew. A crowd naturally formed, and I really love the light-heartedness of busking in the vicinity - the zest for which cannot be compared to the busking scene in Singapore so it was indeed a refreshing change of culture! We had a complimentary APT (Australia Pacific Touring) day tour to catch (to familiarize ourselves with the outskirts of the city), so we headed down to the other end of Federation square - most of Melbourne's tours depart daily from R