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Flinders Street Station

Dhawal Pagay
The city is divided into a grid, with various streets bisecting it- the ‘Flinders Street’ being the spine of the city, hosting a wide spectrum of coffee shops, pubs and merchandise shops making it one of the most happening parts of town.The large number of shops contribute directly to raising the economy of this sector of town, however it possesses an aesthetic appeal like no other. Vehicles are banned and the only way to traverse this area is via a tram or by foot, a unique concept which adds a unique charm to the entire street. On several nights, I found myself hanging out here, enjoying a hot chocolate and soaking in the culture that the Aussies had to offer.Before I proceed any further, it is critical for me to outline the historical context under which the city flourished, so that one can appreciate the stature of the rapid development of the city.Roots Of The City.
Melbourne proudly displays its cultural, social and political independence in this billboard which captures your gaze as you emerge from the iconic Flinders St station.