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Grain Store

517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Meal: BreakfastI love the ambience of Grain Store. Wooden interiors drenched in soft yellow light are so welcoming, I felt I could sit there all day.I LOVE green tea, I'm mildly obsessed, and having been deprived of it for close to two weeks, I was thrilled to see it on the menu.There were some lovely, lovely options on the menu, and had I not been so averse to consuming more sugar by then, I would have definitely given the White Chocolate and Raspberry Pancakes a shot. I went with the Portobello Mushroom and Gruyere Potato Rosti, which was served with poached eggs, spinach leaves and a hazelnut hollandaise sauce. I'm a BIG fan of mushrooms, and a BIG fan of poached eggs served with hollandaise, so this was basically paradise on a plate for me. And it did NOT disappoint.